Our Productions

Rascals is a heartwarming, short stage musical, inspired by Roald Dahl’s Matilda. Set in the suburb of India, Rascals is a tale of young minds being suffocated at the school by the doctrine of rules, disciples, and consequences. The innocence of childhood is lost, given the tyranny and harsh punishments by the Headmaster. Yet they stand up and muster up the courage to survive. Scripted and directed by Rajarshi Bhattacharyya and choreographed by Anindita Das, Rascals is bound to take you to the quintessential spirit of school days.

In the land of immigrants, somehow ‘immigrant’ is a dirty word now. This is a conversation with DFW Play Youth Theater, as they narrate ‘Standing in between’, the human stories of immigrants while the national debate heats up. How would they react when they hear – ‘go back to where you came from’? Listen to the raw emotions of trauma and tolerance, feel the stories of resilience and hope.

Get it straight from the high school, middle school and elementary level students on the gun debate that directly impacts their lives. ‘Tears in Heaven’, an original docu-theater from DFW Play, will be staged at Fest O’ Theatre on June 23rd. Be prepared to face the bottom line: they are taking the bullets for our dysfunctional system and politics. And they are ready to voice their opinions. Did we fail an entire generation, post-millennials, a generation known as “mass shooting generation”? Are they living a ‘local war zone’? Nothing will change unless…

“No one understands us! We are always pushed around, always fighting, mostly sinking, never good enough, and always come up short for million reasons!!” – this is the quintessential refrain of every high schooler today!

Dear Journal,  a contemporary musical drama inspired and enacted by Youth Theater of DFW Play, is a kaleidoscope of youthful experiences, their trials, and tribulations, their fears, and their struggles. This raw, real and riveting play is ultimately a story of the triumph of the youthful spirit over seemingly insurmountable odds.

Hold on to your seats as Sanjana, the new kid, Arjun, the socially awkward one, Alisha, Ariana, and Annie – the gossip girls; Sid, Mustafa, and Aamir, the “cool kids”, and many others out-wrestle each other for fame, name, and everything else that is dear to a teenager today.


Life is a routine? Everything is always the same? Carpe Diem is a docu-drama that captures what it is to be ordinary and also what it is to be extraordinary by seizing the day!

“They are not asking for charity. They are asking for a place on earth, they are asking for dignity… “

Imagine, is a short act in collaboration with Lily Foundation. It explores the lives of struggling yet determined young individuals who defy the status quo to make a better living for themselves. What do they experience? How do their families cope? Does the touch of kindness spark their passion?


Scripted and choreographed by Youth Theater, Angel tells the story of a young adult whose life is spiraling downwards. How does she rebound? She finds a solution greater than herself with her own determination and a little bit of luck.